Interlibrary loan is to be used to assist patrons with requests for special materials that are not part of our normal collection. Interlibrary loan requests should normally be limited to non-fiction materials, though requests for fiction materials should not automatically be denied


Should a particular item be requested in excess of 5 (five) times the Regional Library should consider purchasing the item for its own collection, depending upon the availability and cost of the item in question.


Requests for materials from libraries outside our region should be taken at branch locations. Library staff should assist patrons in filling out the "Interlibrary Loan Request Form".

The patron is responsible for paying the postage costs of returning interlibrary loan materials and must be informed of this prior to ordering the items. The cost will be the same amount as incurred by the loaning institution located on the mailing label and must be collected prior to being checked out by the patron. The patron is responsible for any additional fees, i.e., copying costs, deposits, and etc. that the lending library might impose. Patrons are also responsible for lost/damaged materials at such cost as the lending library might specify.


Renewal is determined by the lending library and must be followed by the patron's library. Generally, materials cannot be renewed. Patrons must be informed of conditions when the materials are checked out.


Interlibrary loan materials should be returned to the loaning library within the ARL system when possible.


Approved by the Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees on: April 27, 2011