Statement of Philosophy


The Albemarle Regional Library System welcomes children of all ages to utilize our materials and services. It is a doorway through which life-long learning takes place. The library is, however, a public facility. As such, anyone can enter and leave the building without being noticed by library staff. A young child left alone in the library could be persuaded to leave with a stranger; he or she could also become ill or disoriented while left unattended.


The Albemarle Regional Libraries can become very busy and library staff members have many duties to perform to serve all patrons of their library. They cannot monitor the behavior, safety or whereabouts of people using the library at all times. There is no way that library staff can provide parental supervision of children. The Albemarle Regional Libraries do not serve in the capacity of providing daycare for unattended children.


Statement of Policy


The library cannot assume responsibility for parental negligence in the caring for minor children nor do we assume parental responsibility for minor children left at any of the library locations at closing time.


Unsupervised children sometimes disturb other library patrons and staff through behavior not appropriate to the library. Children are subject to the same rules as anyone else who comes into the library. Children will be asked to leave if they behave in a manner inappropriate to the library.


The staff of the library is concerned about the safety of young people who may remain at the library at closing time. A minor who does not have firm arrangements for transportation should be encouraged to begin calling for a ride at least fifteen minutes before closing time.


If staff notices minors left at the library at closing time, they are to wait with the child for fifteen minutes. Staff will call the local police to pick up the child if the child's ride does not come within that time. Under no circumstances are staff members to offer transportation to those left at closing.