Whenever any patron objects to the presence or absence of any library material, the complaint will be given hearing.


All complaints to staff members will be referred to the Branch Manager who will discuss the matter with the complainant. If not satisfied, the patron may make an appointment with the Regional Director and the Regional Board of Trustees to discuss the matter further. This should be done at the next regularly scheduled meeting if possible.


If the patron wishes, he/she will be supplied with the "Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials" form. The librarian will examine the item in question, maintaining a neutral attitude, neither becoming argumentative, nor agreeing with a patrons’ assessment of challenged materials. If it is a request for withdrawal, check reviews, and determine whether it conforms to the standards for the Materials Selection Policy.  Materials subject to complaint shall not be removed from use pending final Regional Board action. 


If it is a request for an addition of an item that has been rejected by the library, the Library Director and the Regional Board of Trustees will reconsider the addition. The Regional Board will decide whether or not to add, withdraw, to restrict the material in question and will write to the complainant giving the reasons for the decision.