The public library’s time honored and respected role as the neutral provider of information representing all viewpoints should be reflected in its service policies.  For decades Federal District Courts have designated public libraries as “limited public forums.”   As such when libraries make available to the public meeting rooms, exhibit space, and/or public bulletin boards, these spaces are designated as limited public forums for the exchange of information.  Thus if one petition is accepted by the library for display in the building or on its grounds, all petitions must be accepted.


The Albemarle Regional Library is committed to presenting information on all sides of an issue in a content neutral manner.  Because we cannot guarantee that all sides of an issue will be addressed by petitions, it is not possible to maintain this role in this type of situation.  Therefore it is the policy of the library to accept no public petitions. 





























Adopted by the Albemarle Regional Library Trustees, Januray 25, 2006