The Albemarle Regional Library System is proud to provide outreach services to the citizens of the four-county library region. However, we have neither the staff nor time to provide outreach services to all individuals or organizations. Outreach services are by necessity limited to the homebound patrons who have either physical or mental limitations that do not allow them access to a library including nursing/retirement homes and adult daycare centers. Bi-weekly courier service is provided for each branch library.


Circulation will normally be on a once a month basis, with special arrangements made when feasible, to cover holidays, vacation, etc.


Materials available through outreach include all materials that would be circulated through normal library practices.


Materials circulated through outreach are not subject to overdue fines, but all fines and fees associated with lost and or damaged materials apply.


All participants are required to sign the “Outreach Services Policy/Agreement” accepting responsibility for the proper care of library materials checked out to them either individually or to their institution.  The owner/manager would be required to sign for an institution. Signers who possess personal library cards must keep both the institution and their personal library records in good standing or circulation privileges will be terminated on both accounts.


Library cards will be issued in the individual name for homebound patrons and in the institution’s name and will be held by the Outreach Services Librarian. Library cards will not be issued to individual children or adults within an institution.


Termination of outreach services will result with failure to adhere to the “Outreach Services Policy/Agreement”.


I have read and understand the “Outreach Services Policy/Agreement” and my signature denotes agreement to its stipulations.



Name and mailing address of Institution or Individual


Telephone: _________________________


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