1. Music cassettes/Compact discs:


Return these in the plastic cases or bags in which you receive them. There is a barcode on the cases or the title insert. We need these barcodes for identification. Also, return any song or activity sheets that come with the tapes/CDs.


  1. Filmstrips:


Please rewind the filmstrip while it is in the projector. There is no equipment in the Regional Library for rewinding. It has to be done by hand.


  1. Paperback/Cassettes (read-along kits):


These are books that have a cassette recording of the text. They are sent to you with the book and tape in a plastic bag. The bag has the title and a barcode. Please match the book and tape and return them together in the correct bag.


  1. Books/Books on tape:


Books and books on tape are provided for teacher use. While we want the children to enjoy them, please exercise care and control when allowing children to use them. We try to include sturdier weight books (board books) for little hands. Books on tape should be rewound and returned in their appropriate cases.


  1. Videos:


Some educational videos (for which we have purchased public performance rights) may be available to preschools, etc. All individuals/institutions are responsible for knowing and adhering to copyright law and Public Performance Policy.


  1. Crates:


These are provided as a convenience for transporting library materials. In addition, they provide a convenient and orderly place to store library materials at your center.


  1. Damaged materials:


All of the above are library property and should be cared for in an appropriate manner. Should any of our materials become damaged, let the outreach services librarian know at the time they are picked up. Please do not try to repair them.


  1. Replacement costs:


You are only expected to pay for materials if you lose them, or if they are damaged so badly that they have to be taken out of circulation. The Outreach Services Librarian will make that determination. You will be notified of necessary costs.


  1. Return of materials:


Please have all materials ready for pick up on your scheduled day. That date is posted on the label on the front of the crate.


Note: Please review this information with your staff. It takes cooperation on everyone’s part to keep the materials straight.