Albemarle Regional Library System

NCLive Access Policy and Guidelines


What is NCLive?


NCLive (North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education) is the state’s electronic library, created to provide access to magazine articles, national and local newspapers, business and professional journals, reference sources, and research materials – all electronically. NCLive is made possible through a partnership of public, academic, and community college libraries and is funded by the North Carolina General Assembly and the state’s independent colleges and universities. NCLive is available to anyone who uses and NCLive library.




Access to Internet-based resources provided by the Albemarle Regional Library System is intended to support the research and educational needs of its patrons. By signing/and receiving the usage instructions/password the patron ages to abide by the rules and regulations stated in this policy. Misuse may result in loss of library privileges, and may result in database vendors withdrawing from the cooperative.




To obtain an NCLive password a patron must present a valid Albemarle Regional Library card.


Passwords are valid for periods ranging up to one year. It will be the patron’s responsibility to contact the library for new passwords.




Albemarle Regional library is not responsible for the loss of data or damage to software or hardware that might conceivable result from accessing NCLive or any of its resources, nor is it the responsibility of the library in instruct patrons in the configuration of their personal computer and/or printer. The library will, however, provide patrons with information regarding the minimum hardware/software configurations necessary for successful use of NCLive via remote access.




1. Must be registered library patrons.

2. Patrons are not to share the password with others or make it publicly known in any way.