Internet Rules and Regulations


1. All users of the Internet must be registered Albemarle Regional Library patrons and must follow the basic rules of responsible use of materials in the library. Library staff may not recognize every patron within our system; therefore, patrons are required to present their library card each time they sign up to use the Internet computers in order to confirm user authorization and user eligibility.


 Library staff may allow out-of-town visitors access to the Internet – though they must read the Internet Rules and Regulations and sign the Internet Agreement form.   However, protracted or repeated use will require the visitor to obtain a non-resident borrower’s card as required by regular patrons.


2. A user violates this policy if he or she permits another person to use his or her library card to access the Internet.


3. All users must comply with all software licenses, copyright, and all other state and federal laws, including but not limited to those governing intellectual property and confidentiality.


4. Fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, indecent, profane, obscene, intimidating or other unlawful material may not be displayed on or stored in/nor emailed from/nor to the Albemarle Regional Library’s computers.  The Library is compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and has technology protection measures (filters) on its computers designed to protect against access to visual depictions that may reasonably be construed as obscene, including but not limited to child pornography or materials harmful to minors (NC G.S. 14-190.13-14-190.15).  However, the library cannot guarantee that the filtering software will block all obscenity, child pornography, or materials that may be harmful to minors.


5. A parent, legal guardian, legal care giver is responsible for Internet access by children 5 years of age and under, and must provide direct supervision when children of that age group are using the Internet.


6. Young adults  ages 5 through 17 may access the Internet without parental supervision, providing that the library has on file a permission form signed by a parent, legal guardian or legal care giver, who must provide identification such as a current driver’s license or other appropriate document, at the time of signing. This statement must be signed in the presence of library staff.


7. Internet users may not use nor install their own software on library computers. Downloading or modification of software is prohibited. Patrons may not make changes to computer equipment, printers, or software.


8. Internet users may not save personal bookmarks or personal files on library computers. If a patron wishes to download files, they may be downloaded using supported media such as floppy disk, CD-R or USB flash devices. The library is not responsible for damage to patron’s media or data.


9. Library staff cannot reserve any specific time for any individual; Internet use is strictly on a first-come first served basis. Time slots are for 30-minute intervals. Patrons may sign up for additional 30-minute slots if no one is waiting. Total time for any one individual shall not exceed two hours per day.


10. Failure to promptly vacate a computer when instructed by staff when others are waiting or at closing time can result in loss of Internet privileges.


11. No more than two individuals should use one internet workstation; exception, for example a parent accompanied by more than one child.


12. Printing is available at a per page cost as determined by the Regional Library Board of Trustees. Patrons are responsible for paying for all printed documents.


13. All research/printing should be completed at least fifteen minutes prior to closing.


14. Laptops may be used in the libraries; they cannot be plugged into any library jack. Patrons may plug their devices into library electrical outlets; however the library is not responsible for damage to patron equipment due to electrical surges, power failures, or other electrical issues. Patrons may not use extension cords nor run electrical cords across walkways in any other manner that could cause a hazard.


15. The library’s Internet computers may not be used to conduct a business or commercial enterprises, or engage in commercial activity such as the distribution of advertising, nor used for profit making activities.


16. The Library’s Internet computers may not be used for P2P (peer to peer) activities.


17. The library makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, regarding the quality and subject matter of the information available on the Internet.


18. Due to the limited resources available for public access to the internet, the library may set limits, including but not limited to use of large files of still or moving images or sound, or on downloading files in any medium.


19. The library affirms the principles and user rights as defined in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights in Cyberspace.  The Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy affirms the safeguarding of First Amendment rights, intellectual freedom, equity of access, confidentiality of information about users and their use of all library resources including electronic resources, and individual responsibility.


20. Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of privileges. A user violates this policy by his or her own actions.


Violations of the Internet Usage Policy will be dealt with as follows:


First offense: Staff informs patron of violation of policy; issues oral warning; documents date and offense in patron’s record.


Second offense: Internet privileges are permanently revoked unless, upon hearing a formal request for reinstatement of privileges, the Regional Library Board of Trustees during a regularly scheduled meeting grants a waiver. The Regional Library Board decision is final. See the “Request for Re-instatement of Internet Privileges” form.





Approved by the Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees: June 5, 2017




Internet Rules and Regulations

Internet Agreement Form



I acknowledge that I have read the Internet Rules and Regulations Policy and will abide by those rules. I understand that violation of the rules may result in loss of Internet privileges and in appropriate legal action if necessary.



 _________________________________                                  ___________________________________                             

                Name (print)                                                                        Patron ID number (if applicable)                 


__________________________________                                 ____________________

Signature                                                                                                             Date



I acknowledge that I have read the Internet Rules and Regulations Policy and will abide by those rules. I authorize my child between the ages of 13-17 to have permission to use the Internet without my supervision. My child undertands that violation of the rules may result in loss of Internet privileges and in appropriate legal action if necessary.



____________________________                               _________________________                      ________________

                Name (print)                                                        Signature                                                  Date


*(Parent, legal guardian or authorized caregiver for children ages 5-17)


I do/do not (circle one) wish to be notified if my child between ages 5 and 17, for whom I have signed permission to use Internet without supervision, loses Internet privileges.


Approved by the Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees : June 5, 2017