(Internet Use Policies for Albemarle Regional Library System)


PURPOSE: The Albemarle Regional Library is pleased to be able to provide its patrons with free access to the World Wide Web. The purpose of this service is to augment existing library materials by providing access to information not otherwise available. The Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees believes that in accordance with the library's mission as an educational institution that access to Internet be limited to research and informational uses only. Due to limited resources and the nature of some materials available through Internet, it is necessary to impose some restrictions on its use.


DISCLAIMER: The library has no control over materials available on the Internet, and can in no way be held responsible for its content. Should you find any of the information retrieved through the use of the Internet as being offensive or inaccurate, we suggest that you contact the original creator or producer of the information.


STAFF ASSISTANCE: Library staffs are available to provide limited assistance to patrons with connecting to the Internet and to answer basic questions to the best of their ability. However, because they are not experts and do not hold themselves out as such, they are limited in the amount of instruction they can provide. The majority of the responsibility for learning how to navigate the Internet and the computer will be yours. If you would like more in-depth training, you might consider contacting a community college of your choice.


RULES AND REGULATIONS: By signing to use an Internet terminal you are also agreeing to abide by the following:


     The Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees believes that it is the responsibility of the parents/legal guardians or authorized caregivers to monitor their children's access to the Internet while in the library and to determine what is appropriate for their own children.

  • Children under 13 MUST be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian while accessing Internet. For those patrons under 13 not accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or caregiver the library staff will be available to assist in their research needs, subject to reasonable time limitations.
  •  A valid photo Identification (ID) with date of birth must be presented upon request for patrons 18 and older when first signing up for Internet privileges. 
  •  Young adults, ages 13 through 17, may access Internet with signed approval by a parent/legal guardian/authorized caregiver. The necessary agreements must be signed in the presence of a library staff.
  •  Authorization to use Internet shall be noted on the individual’s automated Patron record (for patrons age 13 and above).
  • All Internet users must be registered patrons of the Albemarle Regional Library with the following exceptions: adults not residing in the four-county region doing genealogy research; or tourists passing through who wish to check their e-mail. However, they must read and sign the “Contract for Acceptable Use of Internet” policy.                           
  • As all library staff may not recognize every patron within our region, Patron ID cards should be presented EVERY TIME you sign up to use Internet to confirm user authorization, and user eligibility.
  • Due to the limited number of terminals patrons must sign up at the Circulation Desk in order to use Internet on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, all first time Internet Users must sign a “Contract for Responsible Use of Internet". Time slots are for 30-minute intervals. Patrons may sign up for additional 30 minute slots if no one is waiting. Total time for any one individual shall not exceed two hours per day.
  • No more than two individuals should use one Internet workstation; exception for example, a parent accompanying/accompanied by more than one child.
  • Use of e-mail by patrons with existing e-mail accounts will be allowed. However, the library staff will not be available to establish individual e-mail accounts.
  • The library's Internet terminals may not be used for Internet Relay Chat or other types of CHAT LINES, MUDS, GAMES or web pages that interface to or emulates these services.

·         Downloading to the Internet computer's hard disk drive is not permitted because files and programs downloaded from the Internet may contain viruses. If they wish to download information, patrons may purchase a disk from the library or bring one of their own.

·         Internet users may not use their own software on library computers.

  • Internet users may not save personal bookmarks or personal files. Staff will check computers regularly, and all such bookmarks and files will be deleted.
  • Printing is available at each location for printing information retrieved on the Internet for a $.15 cents charge per page for black and white copies and $1.00 charge per page for color copies, or such different amount as the Library Board may direct.
  • Laptops may be used in the libraries; they cannot be plugged into any library jack.
  • Use of copyrighted materials unless authorized is not allowed.
  • Because these terminals are in a public place, patron confidentiality is not assured; therefore patrons may not visit pages containing images that may reasonably be construed as obscene.
  • Deliberate destruction or damage to equipment or software will result in loss of Internet privileges and possible legal action.
  • All research/printing should be completed at least fifteen minutes prior to closing.



VIOLATIONS of the Internet Usage Policy will be dealt with as follows:


First offense:  Staff informs patron of violation of policy; issues oral warning; documents date in patron’s record


Second offense:  Internet privileges are revoked for 30 days; documented in patron’s record.


Third offense:  Internet privileges are revoked for one full year; documented in patron’s record.


Forth offense:  Internet privileges are permanently revoked unless, upon hearing a formal request for reinstatement of privileges, the Regional Library Board of Trustees during a regularly scheduled meeting grants a waiver.







Approved by the Regional Board of Trustees, July 28, 2004;revised May 9, 2005.