The Albemarle Regional Library System believes that one of its functions is to provide access to intellectual and cultural resources for the citizens in our region. In the spirit of cooperation in this endeavor, some libraries within the region may offer space as deemed appropriate by the Branch Manager for such displays. All exhibitors should adhere to the following guidelines:


* Exhibits may be planned to direct the public's attention to the materials and services of the library or may provide exposure to the work of artisans and artists. However, since both children and adult patrons will view the exhibits, they must be appropriate for all ages.

* The library shall authorize the content and arrangement of all exhibits. Exhibits must meet the same level of quality and value as materials selected by the library for the collection, based on the library's approved Selection Policy. The library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit that fails to meet those criteria.

* The Branch Manager must first approve all publicity concerning exhibits.

* No prices may be displayed. The exhibitor's name and contact telephone number will be displayed. Any purchase of items displayed must be conducted away from library property. The library may not receive any remuneration for an exhibit. No items may be removed from the display before the end of the exhibit without the permission of the Branch Manager.

* Exhibitors accept all risks and liability for items exhibited.

* Exhibitors should fill out the Application for Meeting Room and Exhibits Spaces.