Reflections on the Inability to Convey what you Mean or Maybe Just Writerís Block

I canít write a poem.
I canít write profound things
And twist meanings around
And bury the simplest meanings in words.
Excuse me, conceal uncomplicated terminology with dubious pseudo-poetic
Oh, and donít forget rainbows and butterflies.
I canít write a poem.
I canít write similes

I canít alliterate arbitrary aphorisms about any little action
I canít write a poem

Honestly, whatís the point?
No one EVER gets what YOU mean.
Itís like showing someone an inkblot
And expecting them to see exactly what you see.

Iím pretty sure I canít write a poem.
You have to be smart and know how to use words.
U gots 2 kno how 2 use words N tha right tents
And write complete sentences while making sure not to make them run-ons while using
correct punctuation and grammar so that someone doesnít point out that your poem is
good but doesnít utilize the correct English language while still appealing to those
individuals that donít care about run-on sentences but just want to read a good poem.
use fragments either.

And you have to use words like ďheart, soul, and loveĒ a billion times.

So tell me Iím capable of writing a poem.
Go ahead, I dare you.


By Barry