Write your own Eddie the termite story!


Fill in the blanks with the craziest words you can think of to make your own story about Eddie the termite.  Don’t forget to use the type of word suggested in each blank, such as noun or adjective. 

Now let’s get started and have fun!



Eddie was on his way to ______________(noun)  when he heard a loud noise.  He looked all around but all he could see was a ________________(noun)sitting next to a _______________(noun).   Eddie decided to _____________(verb) to the park and see his friends.  When he got to the park he found his sister Polly sitting on a __________________(adjective) swing.   “What was that _____________(adjective) noise?”, asked Eddie.  Polly said, “ Don’t be __________________(adjective), Eddie.   That was just a _________________(adjective)  _______________(noun)!  Now, let’s  __________________(verb) and get some ___________________(noun)  to eat.”  Eddie laughed and felt much better. 

Sample verbs…             Sample nouns….           Sample adjectives…    
Run                                 school                             loud                               
Play                                 cat                                  funny