Hello, from the Elizabeth Sewell Parker Memorial Library!  We would like to introduce you to a little friend of ours!  He is bright, polite, and loves to read!  His name is Eddie and he just happens to be a termite!

             Eddie the Termite is our library’s new mascot.  Through the compilation of many passionate people, Eddie was born as a memorial to the late Edwin T. Forbes of Murfreesboro, a devoted patron of the library.  Mr. Forbes often commented on how important the library was to him and to the citizens of the Murfreesboro area.  Edwin’s wife, Polly, and family members expressed a desire to establish a library fund to promote the love of reading to our area children.  During one of our conversations a niece said “You know, when we were little, Uncle Edwin called all us kids termites.”  Well, that’s when the concept of “Eddie the Termite” came to be.  Polly, a talented watercolor artist, researched the anatomy of a termite and proceeded to create Eddie, giving him his charming good looks.  Later artist, Macaulay O. Chilaka, Jr. translated the watercolor art to cartoon drawings.

             Eddie has been on an incredible journey, from conception to realization, but his journey is far from over.  Eddie now stands as an ambassador to our area youth, and he can be found on the Albemarle Regional Library Kid’s webpage doing exactly that.  Eddie will reach out to our children through our newly named Termite Tykes and Termite Readers programs.  We’d like to think of Eddie as an embodiment of our library: one that encourages children to read, learn, and expand the horizons of their imaginations.  Eddie knows the pressure is on him, but he is one termite that’s up to the task, especially when it concerns our kids.

The Library would like to thank all the sponsors of this program:

Polly Forbes, Forbes Family and Friends,
Murfreesboro Rotary Club,
And Macaulay Chilaka


Termite Tykes  10:30 AM Wednesdays  -Preschoolers

Termite Readers 6:30 PM Thursdays—Kids All Ages

For More Information call 398-4494